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Barbara Spittel
Born in United States
50 years
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Is death the last sleep? No--it is the last and final awakening.Sir Walter Scott

This website has been created in remembrance of my sister, Barbara Spittel, for all the people who didn't get to say goodbye to her before she left this world. We all know she's in a much better place but it still is hard to deal with her loss every single day. Her husband, Duane, is undoubtably experiencing the greatest loss of all. She was on vacation in Florida with her husband when they were in a very tragic accident that claimed her life. How can someone with that much energy be gone just like that?!?! Such is life and we all need to live on and remember our loved ones before tragedy strikes again. Please feel free to add comments or memoirs here and may we all keep her memory alive...

April 30, 1955: This is the day that Barbara was born. Her father and mother, Art and Anna Beier, were so very happy to see their new little baby girl (they already had two boys and Barb was a much awaited surprise!).

We grew up on a farm and we shared a lot of special times together...riding our horse, Flicka and playing Barbies. Barb loved to read "nurse" books back then. She was a very caring person and helped out in many situations.

In her younger years she helped on the farm a lot and took care of her youngest sister, Tammy, a lot and was almost like a second mother to her. As she reached her teen years and young adult life she had her own apartment and while she was out washing her car one day this goodlooking guy just had to meet her. They fell in love and were together up until the end. Duane and Barbara were married and had three children together and then grandchildren came after that. What a full life she led!  She worked in factories most of her younger married life and then went to school to become a Surgical Technician. She worked many long hours and met many wonderful people in her job at St. Agnes Hospital. She loved traveling and spending time with family.  

March 22, 2006: After having a wonderful time with her husband on their vacation the accident occurred that took her away from us. Her children drove down to Florida to pick up their dad and bring him back home. Barb always wanted them to stop working so much and go to Florida, so it looks like she got her way in a round about way!  They went to the ocean and Duane wrote "I love you, Barb" in the sand before they left. Her memory is with us forever and always...

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grandma with Zach Barb and daughter, Michelle Jasmine and Grandma Barb Crazy times in Hollywood! family portrait 1985 helping a doctor get ready for surgery Graduation day at Waukesha Tech. College May 16, 1997 Barb's family Christmas 2005 Duane and Barb in the 70"s dancing at Ben's wedding Barb in California with Michelle & friends grandma & Jasmine new baby, Zach